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Pixelsoft Automation Systems

Our services

We develop fast, reliable and secure enterprise management systems that are used in the following industries


From kindergartens, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Tertiary Institutions, Colleges and Universities, Our digital solution provides excellent services that will save on operational cost as it does literally everything.


Hotels, Lodges, Resorts, Travel Agencies, among many more industries in theis sector rely on our fast amazing software to automate their operations and save on cost

Agri Business

Fast fully scalable systems that will enable any agricultural company to execute their services and operations seamlessly

Service Breakdown

For Any Industry above, We do provide the following modules

Workforce And Payroll Management

The office of the HR, handling hiring, leaves, shifts, salaries, advances, among many more...

Finance Management

Involves Budgetting, handling finances of the company, integration with banks and other payment integration, among many more...

Clients Management

If your company has got clientelle, then we got you covered. You dont have to remeber anything or do anything strenous after you key their data into our system. We ensure data availability, integrity, confidentiality and security

Data Analysis

Is it a school, then your students' performance will be analyzed and all the reports generated by a single click. As well as projection as of where the school is headed to. For other industries, managers often would want to see autogenerated reports. These reports and projections are after our effective data analysis techniques are put to work.